Below is a list of questions frequently asked to the SETALI committee:

1.What is SETALI?

The Annual Linguistics Seminar (SETALI) is an annual scientific forum dealing with linguistic issues jointly held by the Linguistics Study Program of the Postgraduate School (SPs) of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and UPI Commissariat of Indonesia Linguistics Society (MLI). This forum is organized to facilitate the interested participants in language related issues and willing to disseminate their ideas and findings of their research.

2. What is this year’s theme of SETALI?

This year’s theme of SETALI (2019) is “The Existence of Language in the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0”


3. What fields of study are covered by the issuance of SETALI proceedings?

  •      Phonetics and Phonology
  •      Morphology
  •      Syntax
  •      Semantics
  •      Semiotics
  •      Pragmatics
  •      Discourse Studies
  •      Sociolinguistics
  •      Psycholinguistics
  •      Functional Systemic Linguistics
  •      Forensic Linguistics
  •      Computational Linguistics
  •      Corpus Linguistics
  •      Language Acquisition
  •      Translation
  •      Language Teaching
  •      and other fields related to language studies



4. How long does SETALI last?

SETALI lasts for 2 (two) days, from 29 to 30 of June 2019

5. Must the participants attend the full 2 (two) days of the event?

Yes, attending the event in two days fully is required for participants to obtain the certificate. The certificate will be given on the second day.


6. What are actually the conditions for obtaining the certificate of SETALI 2019?


The general requirements for a certificate of SETALI 2019 are:


  •     Attending the seminar in full (two days) for all presenters and non presenters
  •     Presenting the paper which was submitted and approved (for presenters)
  •     Paying in full based on the obligations of each prospective participant, either presenters or non presenters


7. Aside from being an individual writer and presenter, can a paper be jointly written and presented by a team?

Yes, it is allowed for collaborative authors and presenters.


8. What is the maximum number of authors collaborating in one team?

 3 (three) people are the maximum number allowed in one collaboration writing team.


9. How much do I have to pay to participate in SETALI?

 The payment for each person is to the amount of IDR 800,000 (eight hundred thousand Rupiahs) who wish to participate as presenter for early bird, paying between April 26 to May 6, 2019; and an additional amount of IDR 150,000 (one hundred fifty thousand Rupiahs) for printed ISBN Proceedings fees.


The payment for each person is to the amount of IDR 850,000 (eight hundred fifty thousand Rupiahs) who wish to participate as presenter, paying between 7 to 20 May 2019; and an additional amount of Rp150,000 (one hundred fifty thousand Rupiahs) for printed ISBN Proceedings fees.


IDR 200,000 (two hundred thousand rupiahs) is charged to those who wish to participate only as non presenter, no later than May 20, 2019 or you may click here for more information


10. What kinds of facilities are entitled for being a presenter participant?

 The provided facilities include:

  •     Entrance access to the International Seminar of SETALI 2019 for two days
  •     Proceedings publication
  •     Seminar kit
  •     International Seminar Certificate of SETALI 2019
  •     Coffee break and lunch for two days
  •     Bandung city tour on bus (Bandros) only for presenter


 11. Does the fee already include the cost of lodging?

 No, the cost of lodging is borne by each participant. The committee will only inform and recommend the nearest hotels/inns with the best facilities and affordable prices.


12. Are there additional fees for collaborative authors?

The fees for collaboration are counted individually per author who IS PRESENT in the seminar and should pay in full according to their respective obligations.

13. What is the mechanism of payment confirmation?

Payment should be confirmed by uploading the proof of payment in JPG / PNG / DOC / PDF format on the payment proof menu given in the account of each prospective participant.

14. What is the mechanism of abstract submission?

The abstract must be submitted via account of each prospective participant by using the Abstract Submission menu given in the dashboard of each account. The Abstract to be sent should be in Indonesian or English, consisting of 250 to 300 words, containing 3-5 keywords.


15. When can abstracts be submitted?

The abstracts can be submitted from the first day of event publication of SETALI until April 18, 2019.

16. When is the announcement of the qualified abstracts?

The qualified abstracts will be announced on April 25, 2019. Any author whose abstract is selected will have to immediately do the payment and submit the paper no later than May 20, 2019.


17. How do I know that my abstract is qualified/rejected?

The notification of qualified/rejected abstract can be checked on each account on the official website of SETALI, or through email notifications sent by the committee.


18. If my abstract is rejected, can I register only as a non-speaker participant?

Those who do not pass the abstract selection are allowed to register for the seminar as non-speakers, based on the applicable Terms and Conditions.


19. Are the published proceedings indexed?

All papers will be published through the SETALI Proceeding. However, there are two types of proceeding publication: the proceeding having ISBN and the proceeding internationally indexed. Selected papers meeting the criteria will be promoted for an international indexed proceeding publication. Papers written in English will be a main consideration for such a publication. The publication of such papers will proceed through several stages of further reviewing and subject to additional fees according to the applicable Terms and Conditions by the publisher, and according to the author’s approval.


20. What if my promoted paper submitted for an international-indexing proceeding does not pass the further reviewing stage?

Promoted papers which do not qualify will be published in the follow-up ISBN SETALI proceeding.


21. What if in a collaborative presentation, not all the members  can attend?

Only he/she who is present will get the certificate because one of the conditions for obtaining the certificate is by attending and making the presentation.


22. Will I get a printed paper?

The papers will be printed in the form of a proceeding (ISBN or internationally indexed). And to obtain printed papers, an additional fee of IDR 150,000 (one hundred fifty thousand Rupiahs) is required to be paid together with the registration fee.

23. When will I get my printed paper?

The printed paper will be sent by the committee with a maximum of 30 days post-event (only for the ISBN proceeding), to the address given when the participants firstly registered their account, by using an expedition service determined by the committee.


24. What if the delivery destination address does not match the address I entered during registration?

If there is a difference between the address listed in the account and the delivery destination address, a confirmation to the committee should immediately be made and the new address should be given correctly and completely.

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